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Value Proposition Statement

90% of business failures are due to one or a combination of these three reasons.

Value Proposition

Studies show that these failures could easily have been prevented if only we knew exactly what, where and when to surgically intervene. Since it’s inception, Talent Asia has perfected a systematic process to reverse organisational dysfunction in a timely manner, preventing business failures before the emergence of its symptoms. The process is applicable to all organisations of all sizes, from startups to multinational companies.

Our Methodology

Based on a set of cross-disciplinary studies across the fields of effective organisational leadership, innovative business strategy and executional excellence we have developed the Organisation Performance Index™. This is our proprietary methodology which has been crystallized and distilled from our years of industry practices and field validations.

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TalentAsia’s webinar “Building and Driving High Performance Teams” was engaging and extremely useful for us to take back to our company! We are sure to incorporate this into our practices to create a more high performance workforce

Alan Tan

TalentAsia was able to provide my team and I an insightful and inspiring session. We are pleased with the output we received and find it most helpful!

Sarah Chan

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